“Too much or not enough nerve energy is disease” said D. D. Palmer in The Chiropractor’s Adjustor in 1910. Similarly, one might say that “too much or not enough body chemistry is disease.” In our classes we teach “Diagnose the Process, Not Just the Name.”  (See next page.) In saying this, we recognize that patients’ problems are related to “too much or not enough” activity in one or more of the body’s normal processes, all of which have neurological ramifications that can be measured by AK manual muscle testing procedures.

Endocrine system problems seem complicated, but they also arise from “too much or not enough” hormones. “Too much” hormones occur when the body either over produces or under converts (under detoxifies) hormones. Liver detoxification is addressed in the QA Protocol at Step 19. In this issue we will focus on the essential, but simple parts of the detoxification process for steroids (cortisol, estrogen, etc.), many drugs, and other molecules.


There are two steps in the detoxification of most molecules. These are called Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Phase 1 “halfway” detoxifies most molecules. In this process free radicals are produced creating a need for antioxidants in the liver. Phase 2 pathways add a specific substance to the “halfway” detoxified molecule (conjugation) to make it water soluble for ease of elimination (bile / stool, kidney, perspiration.)


The two most common detoxification problems we encounter are less than optimal Phase 2 activity for adding glucuronic acid (glucuronidation) and/or sulfate (sulfation) to the “halfway” detoxified molecules from Phase 1. Glucuronidation and Sulfation are the detoxification pathways responsible for all steroid hormones (cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, etc.), thyroid hormone, and many of the more commonly used medications, prescribed and over-the-counter.

Glucuronic acid is produced from glucose in abundant quantities by glycolysis (Emden-Myerhoff pathway) and requires magnesium for its synthesis.

Sulfation depends on the availability of sulfate molecules that can be ingested in the diet or produced from the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine. CYS is synthesized from methionine in the methylation pathway (which also detoxifies steroids) and requires the same nutrients that are needed for homocysteine. The QA Protocol addresses this incredibly important pathway in five different steps including QA Step 19.


The following is an excerpt from QA Step 19 focusing on sulfation and glucuronidation.

  If Pinching or Rubbing Liver VRP Strengthens ANY Weak Muscle:

1. Identify Liver Detox Screening Substance(s) that Strengthen(s) Weak Muscle:  

       Phase 2 Cysteine, Glucuronic Acid (Mg),

2. If Detox Screening Substance(s) Strengthen(s): TL to Liver Chapman’s Reflex with Associated Challenge Substance(s) Weakens Strong Muscle:

     Phase 2 –  Steroid Hormones, Many Meds

3. Test Specific Detox Pathway Related Nutrients for Strengthening Weak Muscle

     Cysteine: MSM, MET, folic acid / 5-MTHF,

          B-12, B-6 / P-5-P, Mg, Mo

     Glucuronic acid: Mg

4. If Pinching Liver VRP Strengthened: IRT Liver Chapman’s Reflex with Indicated Challenge Substance(s) in Mouth



 A 42 year old female health care professional had monthly premenstrual symptoms with breast swelling and irritability. Her laboratory findings included a higher than normal estrogen level during the second half of her 28 day menstrual cycle. AK muscle testing procedures demonstrated that the neurological pathways related to her ovaries (where estrogen is produced) were normal, but that there was stress in her liver. She was tested for and given a sulfur-containing nutrient (the amino acid L-cysteine) at a dose of 500 mg. per day starting two weeks before her period and stopping with the onset of her menstrual flow. The monthly on-and-off supplementation with L-cysteine permanently stopped her premenstrual symptoms.


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¢LEFTOVERS FROM ISSUE #40: STATINS, CHOLESTEROL, AND VITAMIN D:  In Issue #40, we discussed Vitamin D but did not include the following important observation regarding lowering cholesterol with statin drugs. Dr. Schmitt has now seen several patients who have shown both laboratory and muscle testing signs of Vitamin D deficiency that appeared to develop as a result of prolonged and/or high dose statin intake. Two of these cases developed when the dose of statins was increased in an effort to lower already normal or low cholesterol levels. Since cholesterol is the precursor to Vitamin D, lowering it appears to have the effect of creating a “deficiency” in cholesterol as the precursor to Vitamin D, hence a Vitamin D deficiency results.

Steroid hormones are also synthesized from cholesterol and we have seen some low adrenal problems that may be related to statins decreasing the cholesterol precursor to the essential adrenal hormones.

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“DIAGNOSING THE PROCESS… NOT JUST THE NAME” is at the core of our clinical philosophy for optimal care of patients’ problems.  Now the original article by this name has been revised and expanded. Dr. Schmitt’s new version, applicable to doctors and patients alike, can be found on our web site www.theuplink.com under the “Guides” at the bottom of the home page.


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