Many doctors have expressed their surprise that emotional stress challenging is relegated to Step 24 of the QA Protocol. There are many therapies in Steps 1-23 that address factors associated with emotional stress that are often effective in correcting it. Some of the most obvious steps include treating small intestine issues related to bad fats (Step 5) or food allergies (Step 6) which corrects psychological reversal patterns, and heart focused activity (Step 13).

Correction of injuries (IRT, NSB, set point) in Step 4 helps to balance right brain – left brain function and affects emotional stress patterns in some patients. Improving neurotransmitter (NT) function with nutritional therapies can also produce significant emotional changes. In Step 8b for example, identifying the need for folic acid (or its activated 5-MTHF form) can have profound effects on NT synthesis and hence, brain function.


Even considering these factors, we still see patients whose emotional stressors seem to be at the forefront of their clinical presentation. In these patients, the QA Clinical Protocol will lead us to address the emotions directly with emotional recall techniques much earlier than Step 24.

It is common knowledge that emotional stress can have profound impact on the immune system. When emotional stressors are causing immune system distress, we identify the need for emotional recall techniques early on in the QA Clinical Protocol during immune system assessment in Steps 9, 10, & 11.  We will also find positive TL to the emotional Bennett’s (neurovascular) Reflexes (for the stomach) during these QA Clinical Protocol steps as described below. Note that we must first have cleared out injuries in Step 4 and also any small intestine patterns (Steps 5 & 6) to insure the elimination of psychological reversal.


About 80% of the time, cranial and/or TMJ faults (identified in QA Protocol Steps 9, 10, & 11) are secondary to immune system involvement. When the immune system itself is secondary to emotional stress, the “early” need for emotional recall techniques is found during testing the weak immune related muscles that are found in Steps 9, 10, & 11 (infraspinatus, lower/mid trapezius, and/or pectoralis minor.) Simply TL to the emotional Bennett’s (NV) Reflexes on the forehead and test a weak immune related muscle. When TL to emotional NVs negates this weakness, emotional recall techniques are immediately indicated. Treatment will negate the immune related muscle and the related cranial or TMJ fault. This clearly demonstrates how emotional stress can have extensive negative effects in some patients. (NOTE: Test immune related nutrients prior to immune muscle correction. See next page.)


Once the emotional NVs are found positive, end the TL. Then tap the pairs of the Acupuncture Head Points (B & E points) to identify which negate the weak immune muscle. This is NOT an optional step.  Only one set of AHPs will negate the weak muscle. The appropriate emotional stress correction must be related to these points.

Many patients have multiple emotional stressors, but one specific emotion will have the most significant effect. Correcting this one emotion will have the optimal effect. In fact, treating the major emotional stressor (with Emotional Recall Quick Fix – QA Step 24 or other emotional techniques such as NET, etc.) will usually correct many secondary ones.

 Ask a patient to think of various stressors. After each one that weakens, tap the previously positive AHPs. These points should negate the emotional recall. If not, this emotional stressor is not the primary one at the moment and you must search until the primary one is found. Often, after correction of the primary, the other emotional recalls will not cause weakening indicating their secondary nature.


When Addressing Systemic Structural Factors Steps 9, 10, & 11, if Immune Driven Cranial or TMJ Dysfunction is Present Consider the Impact of Emotional Stress as a Source of Immunosuppression:

  1. Does TL to Emotional Neurovascular Reflex Strengthen Immune Related Muscle? If YES:
  2. Which AHPs Strengthen Immune Related Muscle?
    1. Perform Emotional Quick Fix (Step 24) Note: Emotion Treated Should Be Corrected By Same AHPs That Strengthened Immune Related Muscle
    2. Recheck Immune Related Muscle

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