We have discussed various clinical features of the immune system in several previous issues of THE UPLINK.  In Issue #6, we discussed TL to determine the main immune circuit involvement in infections.  In Issue #7 we introduced the Immune Challenge Technique. Issue #17 presented the idea that many cranial faults and TMJ problems are secondary to the immune system. In this issue we will elaborate on this pattern of primary immune system involvement.


      To briefly review the concepts of Issue #17, when there is a cranial fault which shows an IRT pattern (about 80% of them do) or a positive IRT to a TMJ, these usually indicate immune system involvement. The IRT cranial fault or the IRT TMJ indicator is secondary and will be negated by TLing one of the three immune circuits (thymus, spleen, or lower sternum) which is the primary. The associated muscle (thymus-infraspinatus; spleen-lower or mid trapezius; lower sternum-both pectoralis minor muscles) will be weak in the clear. (Recall that the lower sternum is associated with chemical sensitivity problems as first discussed years ago by Michael Lebowitz, DC.)



Now, instead of having the patient TL the NLs, we have streamlined this process by the doctor rubbing the visceral referred pain (VRP) areas for the thymus and the spleen (or rubbing the lower sternum) to identify which immune circuit is underlying the cranial or TMJ problem. The VRP for the thymus is over the right first rib. The VRP for the spleen is on top of the left shoulder. For the lower sternum, we use the skin over the lower sternal area as the indicator. The thymus and spleen VRP locations (and all other VRP locations) may be found on a chart in the “Guides” section of



Another observation which was not presented previously is that there seems to be a “sidedness” to the cranial / TMJ / immune pattern.  Right-sided cranial or TMJ IRT patterns are associated with the thymus and a right (or both) infraspinatus weakness.

     Left-sided cranial / TMJ / immune patterns are associated with the spleen and weakness of the left (or both) lower or middle trapezius muscles.

      Either right or left cranial / TMJ pattern may be associated with the lower sternum involvement and bilateral pectoralis minor inhibition. This is far less common than thymus and spleen involvement.



Does the immune system influence the hypothalamus or does the hypothalamus influence the immune system? Both! The hypothalamus (HPT) and the immune system are intimately linked. During infections, HPT cells fire at a greater rate. Destruction of HPT cells causes alterations in immune responses such as antibody formation, anaphylaxis, and infections.  We can use these principles and HPT glandular tissue to make important penetrations into the understanding of our patients’ immune systems AND nervous systems.

When one of these cranial / TMJ / immune patterns is present, the immune effects will be mediated by the HPT.  The HPT response will result in many other muscle weaknesses and organ involvements including ICV problems, switching, and just about any other thing. This can be seen by having the patient taste HPT tissue and observe how many muscles strengthen.  You will be surprised.

Treating (rubbing) the immune Chapman’s reflex will correct all of the problems which were negated by the hypothalamus tissue as well as the cranial or TMJ indicators. This is not only a great time saver, but a more appropriate correction by getting to the core of the patient’s problems. It should be done early in the treatment process, each time the patient is seen.

As discussed in the past, correcting one immune problem often unveils another cranial / TMJ related immune problem.  So if you did not find the spleen, and you fix the thymus, recheck the spleen afterwards.  It will often be present – like peeling an onion – one layer hides the other.  Or vice versa…







(Note: We will continue this discussion in Issue #33.)

CONGRATULATIONS: DR. STEVE GANGEMI (Dr. Schmitt’s office mate) for winning the 2003-04 Alan Beardall Memorial Award from ICAK-USA for his paper entitled “The Thymus Visceral Referred Pain Area” the location of which is described on the previous page.  An updated VRP chart including the thymus and spleen VRPs can be found on our web site Another 2003 ICAK-USA paper by Dr. Gangemi entitled “The Other 49% of the 51%er” plays a major role in our treatment of patients. Read it if you get a chance – it is 2 ½ pages but very important.

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